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Your website isn't generating leads. Now here's the good part. YPC Chat is quite simply the best dollar for dollar customer service solution for your website. Join today to start your free 30 day trial

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You may have seen this on another website, but after learning what it can really do you may be kicking yourself for not buying sooner

What YPC Chat is… and… why it is dollar for dollar the strongest business investment you can make for your website

How to get a flood of customers

– in fact, more than you could handle – without the usual frustration, stress and struggle

A tiny little piece of code

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YPC Chat - The Best Live Chat Service for Your Small Business
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Smart Business Owners

What smart business owners use to improve their customer service, without lifting a finger! YPC Chat is the secret to managing your business more profitably.

We Employ Real Humans For Your Live Chat

We're Not Robots

We’re not robots who pretend to find the right answer. We’re real humans, experts at building a personal connection with your visitors and capturing leads.

Live Chat Gets You More Leads

More Leads = More Sales

We’re up to 50x cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to manage your live chat. And you get access to our entire team of live chat agents and experts!

Live Chat is Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Your dedicated account manager will work hand-in-hand to continually optimize your live chat service for the best results.

YPC Chat Overview

Fully Managed Chat Software that Facilitates Your Customer's Question Asking Process

  • Customizable

    YPC Chat is completely customizable for your business. Change the logo and color scheme to reflect your own business.

  • Custom Knowledge Base

    Our Chat agents will build a custom knowledge base reference specifically for your business. This helps our agents answer questions about your business to your prospects.

  • We Do Your Heavy Lifting

    YPC Chat does the heavy lifting phone and email can't handle. Get rid of long queues and surprise customers with instant answers.

Amplify Your Customer Service

Without Lifting a Finger


3x More leads

YPC Chat allows visitors to get their questions solved and helps them in taking quick buying decisions. We discover new opportunities by approaching customers directly on your site.

Face of Your Website

YPC Chat makes your website look alive. Simply put, YPC Chat breaks down barriers of communication. Your customers will appreciate the human touch we give them.

Free Setup

We will help you with the on-boarding process. In case you don’t know how to do that, we will take care of it all. Like I said, you don't need to lift a finger.

Personal Manager

You will have a dedicated real human being from the very first day you sign-up with us. Your manager will help you with everything from setup to billing and renewal.

Lead Forwarding

Our agents will send you data of important sales leads that we gather from chats. If there is urgency sensed in the prospect your YPC Chat agent will call you directly.

Free Trial

Our services come with 30 days no obligatory trial period. There is nothing to lose for sure! Our agents will contact you when you're ready to buy.

Our Bulletproof Offer

There’s never been a more certain, more effective way of generating more business or providing your customers with great service than with our YPC Chat program.

YPC Chat for Mobile Tablet Laptop and PC
  • Engage customers on your website

    We make the first step towards a conversation by inviting customers to chat. Greetings sent automatically to customers will let them know that we are available and ready to help.

  • Get graded by customers and use that feedback to get better

    A grade from each chat will show you which aspects of our customer service is working well and what needs improving.

  • Chat always available for your clients

    Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing your website.

  • Earn praise through awesome service

    Customers are amazed by the quality of our support and can spread the love on their social media channels using the ‘share’ buttons in your chat window.

  • ...And best of all...

    Our agents will free up your time so you’ll have more energy doing your actual job. Oh, and the first 30 days of this service are free

Happy Customers

Our Payment Plan

Our free trial ends on November 25th. After that it will never be offered again.

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$ 399 /mon
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Installed on 1 Business Website
  • Custom Trained Chat Agents
  • Lead Forwarding via Phone & Email
  • Free Installation
  • Chat Agent - 40 Hours/week
  • Free 30 Day Trial

Common Questions

  • But this other company I know has Agents on 24/7!

    Let me ask you this: if a prospect talks to a chat agent at 4 a.m. are you going to be awake to follow that lead and conduct business?

    Probably not. Unlike most live chat software, YPC Chat isn't an answering service. We are engaging with your prospects and asking them questions to make it easier for you, the business owner, to give them an accurate quote. Even when your chat agent goes home to his family at the end of the work day, YPC Chat is automatically setup to capture leads from your visitors.
    Besides, most companies promising 24/7 chat support are outsourcing their service to India (we know that's not what you're looking for). 24/7 chat agents are pointless if you're not awake.

    YPC Chat Captures Leads Even When Agents Are Not There Show More
  • How can I trust YPC Chat to interact with my customers?

    This is a great question and We'd imagine you've seen first-hand how quality of service and creating a rapport can factor into a deal closing...often more so than cost.

    We certainly understand this concern at YPC Media and truly value the importance of your brand's reputation. Our agents are highly-screened and trained to ensure you have comfort with their approach, strategy, and style. This is something we take very seriously and was a major factor in why we started this service.

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  • Where are your live chat agents located?

    All YPC Chat agents live and work in our office building in Rochester, NY. You will never have any chat agents that are outsourced overseas.

    YPC Chat is Located in Rochester, NY Show More
  • What if you can't answer a customer's question?

    Sometimes we may need more information from you to address a customer. When this happens...

    our agents are great at letting your customers know they need to look into a question more thoroughly before getting back to them. We'll ask for their email and follow-up with them after we double-check with you.

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